What is the Whiskey Lover About?

personal-image-1The Whiskey Lover is an extension and avenue for one man to continue sharing his passion and love of whiskey with any and all. It is the art, science, passion, and love that we find out that goes into each barrel, batch, bottle, and finally to our glass that is so much more than just a spirit, but an experience.

My vision is to continue building upon my knowledge of all things whiskey from local craft distilleries, history, the science of distilling, the art of tasting, and the experience of doing it all with others. As I move forward with learning how to create local tasting clubs, visiting and reviewing great local whiskeys, I hope that you will join me and follow my blogs as well as sharing it with others.

I began this journey a bout one year ago during a vacation with my wife to the city of Las Vegas. During that time, my wife invited and treated me to an evening in which a got to taste some rare collectible whiskeys as I listened to the history behind it all. That experience and opportunity led me to venture into what is a passion for whiskey. I soon started discovering very great local American craft distilleries as my wife “the whiskey lover’s wife” and I ventured on a small road trip discovering the great things in our back yard from American Bourbons to the ever growing art of American single malt whiskeys.

This has not just become a simple hobby about alcohol, but a family oriented adventure together learning about where we have been with the art of whiskey distilling in the world to American and seeing where we are going today. Please join me on this journey, please follow along with my experiences as well ash sharing yours with all of us. If you are a user of social media then join my Aqua Vitae Tasting Facebook page and my Aqua Vitae Tasting Twitter pages as well.