Jewels of the Pacific Northwest: Snowshoeing And Whiskey Are Just a Few

Where we live in Centralia, although has its ups and downs, will say I have learned to appreciate the many positives of living where we do. We are located in a centrally located part of Washington known as Centralia. What makes this place a great location? Well, the fact that you can decide the morning of and head many different locations centralia_wawithin a days drive and experience everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In less than two hours you can head to the ocean and play at the beach for the day, head to the mountain and go skiing or snowshoeing like we just did, you can be in the big city of Seattle, or head to Portland, and even head over the Cascade Mountains and be in the desert. Oh, and did I mention all the great Pacific Northwest Distilleries that are located right in our backyard? That will be my future project of visiting and sharing all the American single malts being produced in the Pacific Northwest (stay tuned!!).

Just over MLK weekend, the family decided to go snowshoeing as we did not get a lot of chances to go this year. We headed to the White Pass Nordic Center located next to Mount Rainier at White Pass to make sure we got at least one trip in this year. There we spent just over three hours hiking the Nordic trails of White Pass around Leech Lake. If you would like to hear about the day from the family perspective, please read about it at my wife’s blog, The Whiskey Lovers Wife, you won’t be sorry you did, it just rounds out the experience.



Also, Lane himself has gotten into the spirit of sharing his adventures as he recently received some equipment from Santa over Christmas in order to start his new vlog series entitled, “The Lane That Leads The Way.” This is a series in which Lane will share his many adventures and knowledge on video games and share with others. Much like I am doing with my passion around the experience of whiskey at The Whiskey Lover and my wife’s adventures from the perspective of all the places whiskey takes us as a family at The Whiskey Lover’s Wife. Check out Lane’s first vlog adventure on his youtube channel and subscribe to see what this little whiskey lover is going next in The Lane That Leads The Way.

With that being said, this is The Whiskey Lover’s Blog, so what would that be without some type of review, commentary, or story around the reason I started this. Just the other day, I was cleaning out my cabinet and came across a bottle of a whiskey called counter balance whiskeyCounterbalance whiskey from the 2 Bar distillery located in the Seattle Sodo district. This week, I did a video review of this limited product that unfortunately you can not get any longer but wanted to share this unique product as it also represents the great things that are coming out of our Pacific Northwest. This week is a video blog reviewing this great whiskey from the collaboration of the people at 2 Bar Distillery and the CounterbalanceBrewing in Seattle.


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