An Afternoon in The Emerald City, Hot Chocolate Run, and some Copperworks Single Malt!

It is a real blessing when you can pick up and create an experience with your family just in your back yard. My wife has always been one to make an adventure out of just about anything. Sometimes it is easy to complain and be a little stubborn when you just want to hide away for the weekend and take the easy path. However, deep down it is great to have your other half that can and wants to create something out of nothing for our family. Hence, our little excursion to the Emerald city or Seattle where she gets ready to battle with the Hot Chocolate run early that Sunday morning.

The family checking in for the Emerald City Hot Chocolate Run

It is always a little stressful as I drive from my rural setting of the country and visit the urban city and try to navigate the tight overcrowded spaces with people darting from every nook and cranny that I did not even know existed. However, that cloud eventually passes and of course my wife is determined to support me with insuring that we find and visit one of the distilleries that we could not navigate to find last time, the Copperworks Distillery. This is a local craft distillery that is based out of Seattle that takes pride in its spirits including their single malt whiskey which I was excited to try with a tasting.


Copperworks distillery was founded by two gentleman with a passion that started with beer and brewing. Owners Jason Parker and Micah Nutt set up in a prime location along the Seattle water front as Washington craft distilling explodes with other great distilleries down the road such as Westland, 2 bar, Oola, and many others. I, myself, am excited to see, try and even use this opportunity to prep as in early April I will sign up to take a class to learn all about their whiskey and blend my own bottle from four of their own cask whiskeys. That will be another blog all in its own, wait to hear all about that great experience.

We found it, with the android and Google map in hand, the four if us trot hand in hand finding the large copper sign on the side of the building and wondering, “how did we miss this in the first place?” Well, what ever the reason, we have found it and I will get thirty minutes to just experience as my family joins me in my passion. Well, actually, the boys play games on the phone and my wife takes pictures for my blog and web site. Thanks babe, aka the whiskey lovers wife. Which I am sure a tandem blog from her eyes will be out shortly after this weekend.

The Whiskey Lover and the Whiskey Lover’s Wife

I enter and you can just imagine what a beautiful building. As you come up the steps and enter the building, it is basic yet beautiful with fine wood and spirit decor. Several pub height tables with padded stools around them. Through all the glass you see several large copper stills and a beautiful spirit sage. As Luke mentions how cool those are and big like they are from Scotland, I remind him that those are actually from Scotland and when we go this July he will get to see many that are even bigger. A beautiful sight as several people on the other side are getting tours from one of the owners.

At the end of the narrow room stands a large wooden bar front and behind is covered with a display of their spirits and the many awards and medals hanging off of them. I approach the bar and the gentleman is busy sharing the art of their four main spirits of a vodka, gin, cask aged gin, and finally the aged whiskey which I came to try. I am very excited at this time as the several people enjoy hanging out talking with the host.

I make my way through three very tasty spirits of vodka and gin finally to get to the whiskey or, their flagship spirit. An American single malt from grain to bottle in this very distillery. Not a replica of a scotch, but an American single malt with Washington and American aspects, characteristics, and spirit all of its own. I am poured a small dram and as I swirl and listen to the gentleman share the process that went into this batch I bring it to my nose. Instantly I get a real clean fruit layered aroma of citrus u

Nosing whiskey adds to the experience

undertones and very crisp. I then sip and as it sits on my tongue, I get some vanilla and toffee, but not too much as it is not aged in a brand new American oak barrel and not aged for a super long time. Very balanced from front to end of the palate. You get some vanilla with a little leather, but very strong with the fruit of apricot and pear from start to finish. A shorter finish, but balanced and not containing a lot of that peppery bite you would expect. More on the fruit and herbal side with notes that makes a great sipping whiskey that I would fear to mix and lose those flavors, however would make a great old-fashioned that is sweet and balanced.



So then as I take the provided dropper of water and add two drops to my whiskey and swirl a couple of times, a rush of herbal flowers and fruit laidened notes just rush out. I smell again before putting on my tongue and a whole new tasting experience opens up for me. Wow, a fine single malt whiskey that is being produced with love and passion. The whiskey alone would have been great, however the experience to listen and watch others enjoy create something special. To have my wife support my passion and my boys be by my side, it is not just a drink, but an experience that I will remember.

Adding water opens up the aromas and flavors of whiskey

I highly recommend if you have not been to Copperworks in the Emerald City of Seatttle, please do. I will be joining them in April to nose, sample and blend my own bottle and can not wait to talk with the owners and share my product with you. Many think, “how is drinking a hobby or passion” and do not realize the other life changing aspects that go into the art of whiskey from picking and mashing the grain and distilling to the bottling, sampling, and sharing of the spirit with others. Thank you for joining me at The Whiskey Lover and Aqua Vitae Tasting and hope that you continue to follow me and my wife at The Whiskey Lover’s Wife.

Going home with a bottle of Copperworks whiskey

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