The Whiskey Lover, Episode 1. Koval Single Barrel Bourbon.

What makes up a bourbon? Well, I will tell you and more as I present episode 1 of the Whiskey Lover’s video blog (vlog). I have had this whiskey club box just sitting silently on my whiskey cabinet. It sits there just waiting and wanting to be sampled and shared with you! This is the first and only online whiskey club (Flaviur) that I am actually a part of, however I will not be digging into the Merritt of this club itself, but simply breaking down one of three samples that they have sent me.flabiur

See, you pay a certain amount ($60) every quarter and they send you samples based on your personakovall preferences. In this case I selected bourbon and american whiskey. You have no idea what you are going to get, and some would argue that is part of the fun. Of the three samples I will be sharing my tasting notes on the Koval single barrel bourbon which is an organic distillery based out of the city of Chicago. So please join me and watch my video as I share my nosing and tasting notes of this small organic distilleries attempt at an American bourbon!


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The Whiskey Lover, Episode 1. Koval Single Barrel Bourbon.

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